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On the following pages are a compilation of all Swedish start-up companies that are reported. This information is accessed through the link Companies on this page.

We will also shortly be offering several options to establish contact with any start-up companies. The newly established company is in its building in great need of information about the product and service providers that are available.

To the time-consuming construction phases simultaneously devote time to finding the right suppliers for their particular business is difficult.

It can be very important as a supplier of goods and services at an early stage to connect with and create a relationship with a startup company.

Details of these companies are naturally not available in any of the business and telephone directories are published. Neither before, these "fresh" data in the large enterprise databases when there is a slight delay in updates. The information from us are available the same week they are proclaimed.

”Stock-companies” is as far as possible down-graded in statistical reporting.


All information on business start-ups refers to those existing at the time of registration. For subsequent amendments, and the companies' current status, please refer to the Companies Registration Office.

Week 1-48 2014

Week 49 - 2014

(01/12 - 03/12)

New companies (AB HB KB EF Trading Branch) * Stock Companies (not included in above)
Stock Companies merged into active business

* Identified stock companies not included

37 903
17 026
17 803


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